Welcome to Our ‘Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen’ Book Blog!

26 10 2008
Take time to learn how to diet right!

Take time to learn how to diet right!

Hello, dear friends. Welcome to our Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen Official Book Blog. Your frequent visits to our blog will help convince you that this is a blog like no other. At our blog, you will routinely find valuable health, fat loss and ez2slim advice, hot tips, ideas and knowledge rarely available on any other health and diet blog. Here is why:

The Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen Book Blog is authored by Dr. Paine, a health scientist and Dr. Gupta, a world-renowned Atomic Physicist. Why atomic physics? Sounds kind of scary, right? No, not at all. It is scary only if no one has told you that the building blocks we the people are made of are atoms, neutrons, electrons, protons, hydrogen, carbon and a whole bunch of science related to the Laws of Nature.

And, this should tell you why 15 million plus diets, books, plans, drugs, surgical procedures, invasive devices have not only failed to stop the obesity/overweight juggernaut but actually speeded it up.

Today, one American is dying from obesity-related causes every two (2) minutes.

But, no need to despair. The 21st Century solution to obesity is here and it is real. In our book, Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen, we have simplified the science and given you 40 high-impact, 30-second, ready to clip and frame, biologically compatible virtual personal trainers, nutrition experts and Eating Instructors who are on duty 24/7 to modify and neutralize CRAVINGS signals sent to your brain mission control center by the HUNGER and Satiety cells, the NPY/AGRP and POMC cells. These virtual Eating Instructors communicate with your hunger and cravings cells in their own internal language. Best of all, they are ready 24/7 to help you modify and neutralize unhealthy and fattening cravings attacks. You see our Virtual Trainers, Tutors, Nutritionists and Eating Instructors and your new Fat Loss Friends:

* On duty on your refrigerator door on a magnetic clip.
* On duty on your kitchen counters in a frame.
* On duty on your dinner table in a frame.
* On duty on your family TV set in a frame.
* On duty by your bedside table in a frame
* On duty on your office desk in a frame.

You no longer have to guess how to handle a craving or ask “What harm can a few hundred more calories do?” or “I’ll sleep better if I eat that last piece of pie in the fridge” or “I’ll eat now worry about my diet tomorrow”.

In our blog and in the Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen book, you will find answers to questions like “Why am I always hungry?” “Was I born to be fat?” “Is fat a beauty issue?” You will be astonished to finally know the real truth about why we gain weight and why it is so hard to “burn” off fat.

You will learn all the secrets of your own body. Yes, you live in your body 24/7, but how well do you know it? You will learn why your body yearns for Alkaline/Acid balance and why it yearns for Oxygen/carbon balance and chemical balance. You will learn about the massive cellular signaling network within your body and to learn to listen when your cells are “talking” to you. Interested in cell talk? Go to Google and search “cell talk” and about a million websites from major academic institutions will pop up.

More, much, much more as we go on our awesome “Dear God Diet” adventure in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

30 seconds – that is all it takes to go to www.amazon.com and order the “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book. It is only $25.99 (the cost of 3 Fast Food, fat-loaded lunches). The Dear God book is worth its weight in gold for those whose fondest dream is to be healthy and slim.

© Dr. J.R. Paine and Professor S.N. Gupta, Ph.D.




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